Here are all the answers to your questions about the contest Carte Blanche for creatives.

How does it work exactly?

Participating in Carte Blanche is easy. Simply come up with a killer out-of-home idea, submit it here, vote for the ads you want to see in the final round and wait for the jury to choose the winner. Simple. The complete rules and regs can be found in the Toronto or Western Canada downloadable kits, as well as at the bottom our our landing page.

I’m a freelancer. Can I enter?

Yes. You can enter if you are affiliated with an agency and you develop an entry for one of its clients.

My agency specializes in interior design but I love outdoor advertising and I’ve never been to Cannes. Can I enter?

No. Carte Blanche is reserved to advertising agencies and companies that have an internal graphic design team.

Can I submit multiple entries?


Can I enter an ad for a client from another agency?


Can I submit an entry for an advertiser that doesn’t exist?


Am I obligated to notify the client that I’m submitting work featuring their brand?

Yes. Since these submissions are being displayed on a public domain, the client must sign off on the concept before it is submitted.

Can I vote for my own entry, or for another entry submitted by my agency?

No. Carte Blanche rewards an agency’s creativity, not how well it can coordinate its staff to vote.

Can I vote if I haven’t entered an ad of my own?

Yes. All creatives signed up on the site can vote, whether they have submitted an entry or not.

I’d like to be on the jury but my agency didn’t submit any work. Can I?

Agencies have to submit at least one entry for either Montreal, Toronto or Western Canada in order to have a spot on the jury.

There’s someone on the site pretending to work for my agency, but I don’t know the person. Can I do something about it?

Yes. Contact us and we’ll call the agency to verify. If it turns out they don’t work there, their access will be cut off.