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Key Dates

Pay attention. Nobody can win without knowing this stuff.

MARCH 14th

Beginning of subscriptions and access to personal accounts.

MARCH 19th


Creatives across the country are invited to submit one or more out-of-home entries in their respective markets. Creatives may only submit entries for the market in which they and their client physically reside.

APRIL 10th

Extension starts

APRIL 16th, 3 PM.

End of extension. No additional time will be granted.

APRIL 17-18th

Entries review

APRIL 19th - APRIL 26 th


In this first round, the jury members from Quebec will judge the Quebec entries only, the jury members from Toronto will judge the Toronto entries only and the jury members from Western Canada will judge the Western Canadian entries only. The top 25 shortlist per market will be established as such.

APRIL 27th

25 finalists per market announcement

APRIL 28th - MAY 3rd

Final jury deliberation

All members of the jury from all markets will deliberate all together to determine the top 3 winners per market based on the previously established top 25 shortlists.

MAY 16th

WEST FINAL – Brix & Mortar at 5:30 pm

MAY 17th

TORONTO FINAL - Baro at 6:00 pm

MAY 25th

MTL FINAL - C2MTL at 7:00 pm