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Dos and Don’ts

The Digital Large-Format billboard usually represents flexibility and allows advertisers to add new technologies in their out-of-home campaigns. Very popular at the moment, this type of billboards creates a spectacular and impressive impact when well used creatively. Flexible, dynamic content, instantaneity – it has it all.


Create static executions (Use of technological gimmicks is not required).

Display time 10 seconds per creative (6 spots per minute).

Use high contrasting colors to ensure optimal visibility on LED screen.

Possibility of multiple layouts for the same campaign (ads can be adapted during the whole campaign).

Possibility of using dynamic content to adjust your creative consequently.

Wrapping the structure is permitted. (Screen excluded) Certain conditions apply: must buy complete loop (6 ad spots) + ensure feasibility on chosen site. *Production fees not included.



No animated content and/or videos.

Audio files are not No live video feeds supported.

No live video feeds.

No individual or object recognitions. (Use of technology on Digital large format billboards can’t allow individual or object recognition such as a licence plate.)

No 3D extensions on the screen.

No storytelling between visuals. Tip: make sure the order in which your ads are displayed is interchangeable.

Screen display cannot be shut down. (But you can fake it.)

Display brightness cannot be altered. (Again, you can fake it.)

Structure cannot be moved from it’s location.

Screen must remain intact and cannot be covered.

Billboards cannot send out signals.

Reproduction of Ministry of Transportation boards is illegal.

Client's informative video

All additions that require programming and/or creativity on structures will be added as production costs.

If you have any questions regarding the feasibility of the execution you want to submit to the contest, feel free to contact us at any time: carteblanche@astral.com