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Dos and Don’ts

The large digital billboard is often synonymous with flexibility. It allows advertisers to apply new technology to outdoor display ads. This type of billboard can be spectacular when used properly. So, have fun, but make sure to follow the rules!


LARGE-FORMAT DIGITAL BILLBOARD 10’ H X 34’ W That’s all we want. Now, on to the recommendations!

Boost your content by linking it with real-time data. This can include the weather, traffic, RSS feeds, social media, etc.

Maximize the impact of your concept by dressing the billboard structure (except for the screen). Certain conditions apply: The purchase of 6 visuals for a complete rotation is required + must be feasible based to the location.

Use the digital billboard to display an excellent static concept. You do not have to tie your idea to technological elements.

Use contrasting colours to your improve visual comprehension and allow all the elements on the LED screen to be easily distinguishable.

Create different executions of the same idea for an integrated campaign effect.

Adapt your messages based on the location so that each billboard’s message is contextual.

Create contextualized messages based on the time of day.

Don’t forget to adhere to the Advertising Standards in effect.



No animation of the visual, video or live video is permitted. It’s against the law.

Do not add any audio elements to the billboard. It doesn’t produce any sound.

Do not use cameras with object or human recognition with this type of billboard.

It is impossible to create 3D extensions on the screen. It could break.

It is impossible to tell a story using different consecutive visuals. Each piece should be able to stand alone.

You cannot turn off the screen of the billboard or adjust its luminosity. HOWEVER, you can recreate the visual effect.

You cannot physically move the billboards. The digital screen cannot be moved on the pole that supports it or be placed on the ground.

Do not cover the screen. It radiates heat that must be allowed to escape.

Do not install a radio wave transmitter on the billboard to send radio signals to drivers. It’s against the law.

Do not reproduce any Ministry of Transportation signboards. It’s against the law.

Do not use any format other than the large-format digital billboard 10’ H x 34’ W.

Client's informative video

All additions that require programming and/or creativity on structures will be added as production costs.

If you have any questions regarding the feasibility of the execution you want to submit to the contest, feel free to contact us at any time: carteblanche@astral.com